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Going to an Auction to purchase a property can be very daunting and challenging especially if you are not experienced and havenít bid at an Auction before. Auctions are a great way to sell your property as it can create competition with the purchasers to get the best possible results for the Vendor.

It is important to get the right advice and have all of your home work done on the property prior to Auction especially having the contract fully reviewed by your Solicitor or Conveyancer.

Once the hammer goes down, the property is then unconditional which means that you can not pull out if there are any issues. At Mellick Wealth Management we can offer our services to you as you go to Auction to hopefully purchase your property.

If a property is for Sale you would normally get a 5 day cooling off period prior to exchanging unconditionally. We can also help you through this process in relation to the whole property transaction.

Property Management:

Purchasing an investment property is an extremely big financial decision. This in some cases is your greatest and biggest asset. When choosing a Property Manager for your investment you need to make sure that you pick the right Agency. Just because you purchase off a particular agent doesnít mean that you need to get them to manage your property.

Key areas to look at are:

1) Getting the right tenant
2) Make sure that regular inspections are carried out
3) Maximising on your rental return
4) Taking out appropriate insurances

Donít compromise on your biggest asset with the wrong people managing your property. I know that I donít, and I have created excellent relationships with Real Estate Companies over the years. Speak with Mellick Wealth Management on how we can help you maximise the right Agency for your property.

Selling Your Property:

Unless you have a great relationship with a real estate agent choosing the right agent to sell your biggest asset can be challenging. A referral from a friend or colleague or picking an agent from the paper is normally the way that people go about choosing an agent. It is important that from the start the right marketing campaign is undertaken, the right method of selling your property (auction v sale) is looked at, and also the right commission Structure is agreed upon.

These days many people are time poor and we need to make sure that the area specialist is the right person in selling your property. Mellick Wealth Management can assist you in choosing the right agent and also assist you with the best way to sell your biggest asset. It is important from the start that we get the structure and strategy in place as you want the greatest chance on obtaining the best result for your home.



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"Mark helped us overcome the challenges of acquiring our first home loan. With his expert advice and guidance we have gone on to purchase our second and third property with ease." -Amanda Leahy

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