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Australian Property

Overview & History:

These days there is always the debate between property and shares.

Over the years Australians in general have a great love for property. Traditionally when people are looking at investing in property they tend to buy where they live as they know the area and are comfortable with their investment decision. That doesn’t necessarily make it the right place to invest.

There are many factors that need to be looked at before making that decision. Remember that you will not be living in that property so you need to maximise both the growth and return. One day you may want to sell, so you need to ask yourself the question on resale value down the track.

Mellick Wealth Management offers its clients services via its alliance with Blue Wealth Property. Blue Wealth Property is able to assist you in making the right decisions on where to invest, when to invest and what property to invest in.

Blue Wealth Property leads the Industry with their ability to acquire the country’s leading stock. Their team’s solid experience, innovative skills and strong relationships ensures that they have access to the best investment decisions. The volume of property that they distribute gives them the ability to negotiate great terms for our clients

Some investors may have limited cash flow and require a property that could cost very little to hold. For others, maximising capital growth might be the priority while others may prefer property suitable to hold in their superannuation fund.

Blue Wealth’s Speciality is residential investment property, and their range is comprehensive and all properties have undergone extensive research and passed their thorough criteria.

Would you like to find out more about some of the developments across Australia that are currently available?

Property Research:

At Mellick Wealth Management we know that research is the first and most important element to consider when looking to invest in property. We work in conjunction with our research partner – Blue Wealth Property Group, whose team are at the cutting edge of the industry with proven track records in using research to identify hot spots, buying opportunities and growth markets. Mellick Wealth Management know that thorough research reduces risk and increases the potential for strong growth and healthy cash flow. Every property has passed strict criteria and comprehensive analysis which allows you to invest with confidence.

How the Research Model Works

Mellick Wealth Management Research Model

Step One – Macro Research
This step uses macro economic analysis to identify geographical regions that are likely to experience strong capital growth. Property Analysis’, study factors such as:
• Employment and Economic Growth
• Population and Demographic Changes
• Infrastructure and Government Spending
• Supply and Demand

Step Two – Micro Research
Once a region has been identified as having strong growth potential, a process of micro research on developments is then conducted. Micro research analysis includes:
• Value
• Transport
• Quality
• Design
• Amenities
• Rent
Step Three – Blue Wealth Index
Every property is then rated on a scale of 1-10 for its potential:
• Growth and
• Cash flow
Growth is the key for creating long term wealth, however we recognise that many clients are sensitive to cash flow and as a result Blue Wealth only approves properties that have scored at six or above for both these categories. The Blue Wealth Index provides investors with a simple way to compare investments and ensure they acquire properties most suitable for their portfolio.

The Property Clock

 Property Clock

The property Clock illustrates where the property market is at any given time across Australia. All states and territories perform definitely at any given time.

It is a key element of any property market to try and invest at Opportunity and Value stage on the property ladder. Many Property investors invest when the property market is strong in general normally around Boom and Danger time.

However, buying at the right time, right place and for the right price is the key to buying any property. At Mellick Wealth Management we can assist you with all of the above and make your next investment the right investment.



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"Mark helped us overcome the challenges of acquiring our first home loan. With his expert advice and guidance we have gone on to purchase our second and third property with ease." -Amanda Leahy

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