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Why Have a Mortgage Broker?

Every type of loan available comes with its own unique rates, fees, terms, and features. This holds true to all loans such as propery investments, new and 2nd owner homes, or various types of refinancing.

In order to make an informed decision, you will need to compare each of the loans and what they have to offer. Mellick Wealth Management can help you with this. We will take all of the research hours out of your loan hunt and present your options to you in an easy to compare structure.

There are hundreds of lenders out there that will be competing for your attention so narrowing down which is best for you is key during your loan selection process. Mellick Wealth Management has taken the time to assemble a panel of lenders that offer competitive rates and industry leading services that will fit all of your lending needs. We strive to take all of the guesswork out of your loan search and help you to make an informative decision based on our years of experience in the lending field.

Here at Mellick Wealth Management, we will guide you through the lending process beginning from pre approval all of the way until your loan has reached its approval stage.

We basically break down your process into the following 10 steps:

1. Meet with you to determine your needs and loan type
2. Research which lenders meet your criteria and have the highest approval rate based on your qualifications
3. Help you to assess an agreeable borrowing capacity
4. Collect and prepare all loan application documents required by your lender/s
5. Submit the loan applications on your behalf
6. Perform routine follow ups on the status of your loan
7. Notify you promptly upon approval
8. Assist you in finalising all paperwork
9, Verify that all necessary documents have been completed properly
10. Assist you in executing any further documents required for your loan process

Mellick Wealth Management will assist you at no cost as we are compensated by the lenders.



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"Mark helped us overcome the challenges of acquiring our first home loan. With his expert advice and guidance we have gone on to purchase our second and third property with ease." -Amanda Leahy

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